Nochlezhka, Homeless Project – St Petersburg (Film)


One Cool Ride is about combining my passion for both ‘overland motorbike travel’ and ‘Cool to be Kind’, the homeless support organisation I’m a founder member of. If you want to make a donation, please visit my JustGivng page. I visited Nochlezhka, St Petersburg in June 2019. I was welcomed and shown around by Dasha, […]

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg

A fantastic, beautiful, vibrant city. It is without doubt one of the great cities of the world. Wide roads, creative architecture, statues and art everywhere. Rivers, islands, grand palaces, cool people, bars and restaurants. I’ve been in Russia twice now, St Petersburg gets my vote for ‘best place to visit’, Moscow maybe second, but it’s […]

NW Russia

NW Russia

Not for the first time I’m enjoying my time here. Having spent a week in the remote wildness of NW of Russia, I rode south from the Murmansk region to St Petersburg. I started out north of the Artic Circle with cold, wet weather, sparse forest and wetlands, as I rode south blue skies emerged […]

Russian Border

Russian Border

Russia is the ninth country I’ve visited on this trip, and without doubt crossing the very remote border near Salla (Finland) felt like I was entering a new world. I was aware that I was the only vehicle approaching the border, and when I arrived there were no other vehicles. Getting through the Finish customs […]

Kandalaksha, Russia


Having rode through the wilderness from the western border with Finland, when I found civilisation, it was like arriving in post apocalyptic Russia. Cloudy, raining, awful road conditions, old cars, ruined buildings, complete disrepair… The petrol was cheap though, 33p / litre! I arrived in the town of Kandalaksha, nestled between the wilderness of NW […]