How I travel…

How I travel...

I like my routines, I feel good when the start and finish of the day go according to plan. I start riding early, and in hot countries where the temperature becomes unbearable before midday, very early. I’m currently in Sudan, it’s August, and my alarm goes off at 4.30am. I pack my bag and head […]

Do I get lonely?

Do I get lonely?

In addition to ‘how much is your motorbike worth?’, one of the more common questions I get asked is ‘do I get lonely’?  I love traveling with my girlfriend or friends, and I also love travelling alone. There is no doubt that when I travel alone I meet hundreds more people. Being alone makes me […]

Shipping – Athens to Israel

Shipping - Athens to Israel

There aren’t many options regarding shipping a motorbike from Europe to Egypt or Israel. Many people spoke of Grimaldi Shipping, they go from Italy to Alexandria, Egypt. However, I found Grimaldi were completely rubbish at communication. I was advised to use a fixer in Alexandria to get me through the bureaucracy, but the cost was […]

Athens – Preparation for Africa

Athens - Preparation for Africa

Ten days prior to arriving in Athens I contacted MITAS Tyres, unfortunately they didn’t have the tyres I wanted in Athens (MITAS E09). Gustavo and Rok, from MITAS got a special delivery to their distributor ‘Patmanidis S.A’, where Alex Patmanidis made excellent communication. I collected the tyres and went straight to ‘Moto Kouzis’ where Ponos […]

MotoCamp, Bulgaria


Moto Camp is the perfect place to stop, rest and relax for bikers. Rooms, camping, food and drink, more than that, it is a meeting place for bikers. Whether you are on a quick European tour or at the start or end of a RTW adventure, meeting like-minded people, sharing experiences and knowledge. A great […]



Situated between Ukraine and Moldova, Transnistria is considered to be a part of Moldova, however it is an unrecognised state. It has a President, a population of 1/2 million and a military with 18 tanks and a dozen or so helicopters, it feels like a real country! I could have chosen the easy route from […]

Kyiv, Ukraine


I loved my time in this stunning and vibrant city. I spent over a week there exploring with my girlfriend Rachael. The old, classic metro was cheap and easy to navigate as it quickly took us around the city. We walked to so many places, which is without doubt the best way to explore any […]

Ukraine Border

Ukraine Border

As I approached the border there were miles of lorries, vans and the odd car two abreast, stationary, queuing to get to the border. My instinct was to ride past and see what happens when I get to the front. None of the traffic moved as I passed, it must take them hours and hours, […]

Kaunas, Lithuania


Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. The beautiful old town is situated at the confluence of two rivers, where there is a historic fort and cathedral. Having seen many capital cites over the last decade or so, many are so overrun with tourists that it detracts from my enjoyment. Kaunas on the other […]

Tallinna Hoolekande Keskus, Homeless Project – Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinna Hoolekande Keskus

One Cool Ride is about combining my passion for both ‘overland motorbike travel’ and ‘Cool to be Kind’, the homeless support organisation I’m a founder member of. If you want to make a donation, please visit my JustGivng page. I visited ‘Tallinna Hoolekande Kesku’ (Tallinn Welfare Centre, NGO) in June 2019 and met with Kasper and Sille who work […]